Arrowtown Golf Club

Arrowtown Golf Club Subscriptions for 2017

Full Membership $545.00
Country Membership $370.00
Nine Hole Membership $370.00
Under 25yrs (Nov 1) $270.00
Wakatipu Junior Golf Club Membership $110.00
Limited Membership $270.00

Joining fee of $50 applies for all categories.

Playing Rights

Country Members: must reside 50km from the course and be full members of a
New Zealand Golf Club.

Nine Hole Members: 9 holes only.

Have to be under the age of 25 as at 01/11/18

Limited Members: Applies only to long standing members of Arrowtown Golf Club. Limited to 10 rounds per year, granted on Executive's discretion.

Note: Playing rights may be withdrawn for non payment of subscription, after suitable warning!

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