Arrowtown Golf Club

Unwind Cafe Monthly Medal and Handicap Cup.

The weather was kind for the 20 players teeing off in the Handicap Cup played over 36 holes.

Along with the morning field they got away as soon as it was light.

Winner of the Handicap Cup with 2 great rounds was Richard Hailwood with rounds of Nett 66 and Nett 68

2nd Steve Ebsworth Nett 70 and Nett 71

3rd Tim Clark Nett 73      and      Nett 71

4th= Jeff Turner Nett  70     and      Nett 75

Ian Wilkins Nett  75     and       Nett 70

Congratulations to Richard and all who completed the 36 holes.

Winner of the Unwind Cafe Monthly Medal.

 This was played in conjunction with the first round of the Handicap Cup.

WInner on the day was Richard Hailwood with a Nett 66

2nd= John Lapsley nett 67

John Saunders nett 67

4th Brian MacPherson nett 69

5th= Steve Ebsworth nett 70

Jeff Turner nett 70

Greg Strang nett 70

8th Bill Churstain nett 71

9th= Darryl Shepherd nett 72

Barry Withington nett 72

Michael Worner nett 72

Jono Jackson nett 72

13th= Julian Cahill nett 73

John Fraser nett 73

Tim Clark nett 73

Lindsay Papworth nett 73

Claudio Viana nett 73

Tim Smith nett 73

19th= Brad Smith nett 74

Barry Robertson nett 74

Jake Andrade nett 74

Brad Paterson nett 74

Twos:  Brett Thompson and Stephen Dyer

Base Contracting Senior A Gross Winner

Greg Strang 76

Millbrook Resort Senior B Gross Winner

Richard Hailwood 76

AON Insurance Intermediate Gross Winner

Jeff Turner 84

C Q Electrical Junior Gross Winner

Bill Churstain 92

Birdies Number 10.

Julian Cahill, Jeff Smith, Greg Strang and Barry Withington.

Eagles Number 13

Brian MacPherson.

Congratulations to all winners. 


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